On this episode of Trial By Stone, host Philip travelled to the Centre for Puppetry Arts to check out the museum and see Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal: World of Myth and Magic exhibition.
We chat to Jill Malool who gave us an audio tour of the exhibition and chatting all things Dark Crystal.

The exhibition is open until 5th January 2020 so if you're in the area, its well worth the visit.

Also there will be a second Dark Crystal ball coming up on August 29th 2019 to coincide with Dragon Con 2019 with tickets to be on sale at a later date. 
Go to http://www.puppet.org/buy-tickets/2019-20/the-dark-crystal-ball-gathering-of-gelflings/ for more details on when tickets go on sale.

Coming up on May 31st 2019 is a screening of The Dark Crystal at the Centre for Puppetry Arts to check that out!

Centre for Puppetry Arts - www.puppet.org 

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