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Trial By Stone: The Dark Crystal Podcast Network is a network of four podcasts (Trial By Stone, The Gathering Songs, The Dark Crystal Minute and The Vital Essence) dedicated to The Dark Crystal, a high fantasy adventure film released in 1982 co-directed by Jim Hensonand Frank Oz, their first feature film together that was a departure from their work on Sesame Street and The Muppets.

Its origins for the podcast started as a one show a month with Trial By Stone: The Dark Crystal Podcast with episodes that consisted of news, interviews and discussions about The Dark Crystal franchise hosted and produced by Philip Mitchell since August 2014.

Philip has interviewed many guests on Trial By Stone: The Dark Crystal Podcast including Cheryl Henson (founder of DarkCrystal.com and board of directors at The Jim Henson Company), J.M. Lee (author of The Dark Crystal Young Adult Novel series, staff writer on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance), Brian Jay Jones (author of Jim Henson: The Biography), Toby Philpott (puppeteer on The Dark Crystal) and Timothy Clarke (Mystic Design and Fabrication Supervisor on The Dark Crystal), Matthew Dow Smith (writer of The Dark Crystal Creation Myths Volume III), Caseen Gaines (The Dark Crystal: Ultimate Visual History) and many more.

With the Netflix series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance in production and the resurgence of the franchise with releases of comics, graphic novels and young adult novels, we've decided to expand Trial By Stone into a network of shows to show our love and appreciation on the world of The Dark Crystal.

Trial By Stone: The Dark Crystal Podcast Network Shows
All three shows release one episode each month. 

Trial By Stone: The Dark Crystal Podcast (releases on the 9th of each month)
The #1 Dark Crystal podcast, hosted and produced by Philip Mitchell, interviews with fans and also the creative team behind The Dark Crystal on each episode of the podcast.

The Gathering Songs: The Dark Crystal Discussions (releases on the 18th of each month)
A monthly roundtable discussions on the many stories told based in the world of The Dark Crystal, from graphic novels, comics, books and more. The previous episode discussions with Creation Myths, Gelfling Gathering and Shadows of The Dark Crystal will be re-released into this show. Upcoming discussions with Song of The Dark Crystal, Dark Crystal Tales, Power of The Dark Crystal and much more will be new content that'll be released afterwards.

The Dark Crystal Minute (releases on the 27th of each month)  
A minute by minute dissecting, analyse on The Dark Crystal hosted by Philip Mitchell and JM Prater, produced by Philip Mitchell.
You can purchase merchandise for Trial By Stone, The Dark Crystal Minute and The Gathering Songs right here.

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